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 Printer Friendly Testimonials

''We appreciate Keystone Credit Services doing our delinquent earned income tax collections. Any communication regarding an account has been met with professional response. Delinquent tax collected by Keystone Credit Services is being reimbursed to our office on a consistent monthly basis. You have permission to use our office as a reference at any time! Again thanks for your services and that monthly check!!'' 

Rebecca Steckley
Tax Administrator
Danville Area Earned Income Tax Office
570 275-4720

''Working with Keystone has been advantageous for our small business. It is the responsible and prudent thing to do as a small business so that other potential small businesses reap the benefit of someone in the past making sure any legitimate past due accounts get to the responsible parties credit score. Working with Keystone had taken away the burden of repeatedly calling a past due account that never responded to our calls or mail communications. Getting paid a portion of a past due bill is far better than getting paid nothing at all!''

Satisfied Keystone Client
Ephrata, PA

''I contacted Keystone Credit Services as a last resort to try and collect on a personal debt that originated as a result of a car accident. Everyone at KCS was very helpful and professional in all my dealings with them. They also provided online access to the current status of their collection actions. Due to their thorough and comprehensive approach to collecting the debt they were successful in collecting the entire amount of the unpaid debt and in a relatively short amount of time. I am very glad I partnered with KCS.''

Greg S. of Lancaster, PA

"We have been working with Keystone Credit Services since 2010. From the beginning, we have always been impressed with their service and how they have always gone above and beyond what was expected. They have been a great business partner and we look forward to continuing to use their services."

Ann Michelle Stoltzfus
Esh Foods LLC


"Keystone has given us excellent service with an above average return on unpaid debt from former customers."
York County School of Technology