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Consumer and commercial debt is increasing every day, which makes choosing the right debt collection firm very important to those responsible for your company's debt collection management. Keystone Credit Services employees are specialists in professional consumer and commercial debt collection and adhere to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

KCS’ aim is to preserve the relationship between creditor and debtor wherever possible; and our goal is to achieve the highest possible return on each dollar placed. KCS’ fee is based solely on debt collection results, not on the amount of time spent working on your account, nor on prolonged negotiations and mediation.

By utilizing state-of-the-art computer systems, our collectors are able to utilize online capabilities with access to debtor information, perform effective skip tracing, impact your debtor's credit history and to do timely, effective debtor contact and follow-up. For your protection, KCS Collections is covered by an errors and omissions insurance policy.

How easy are we to use? Your claims can be received by fax, phone, mail, e-mail and through our website.

Since Keystone Credit Services acts as an independent third-party, we are less hampered by delicate buyer-seller relationships. We can affect debt collection with minimum damage to good-will while increasing the chances of retaining the customer. Many consumer debt accounts will pay Keystone Credit Services immediately or agree readily to a short-term repayment schedule in order to preserve their credit reputation or avoid additional KCS collection efforts.

Should negotiations reach a stalemate, KCS Credit Services has relationships with numerous, well-respected law firms that are specialists in consumer debt and commercial debt collection law. If necessary and so authorized, we will forward your account(s) to these firms for litigation...the last resort of collections. KCS can perform these services in virtually any geographic area via this network of attorneys.

Finally, as part of our standard debt collection procedures, Keystone Credit Services submits a monthly status report of all accounts placed for collection in addition to their monthly statements and remittances. By employing Keystone Credit Services, your staff is free to spend their time and efforts on other more productive and cost-effective activities.


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